Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Won my Chanel auction!

  1. I'm just floating on air right now! I love, love, love it and think I got a great price! Ah, I love my new sniping service, biddingscheduler.com, which I love because its free and there's no high pressure sales pitch. I have to admit that I love beating out ebay "novices" :devil: (some of whom have more febaclk than me, haha) But the weird thing is that I bought it for the same price that the former highest bidder got it for (they didn't pay though so the seller relisted :biggrin: ) But I was shocked to see that the price went up $100 in the last hour, but I still got it! Sorry for the rant but I'm soooo happy! :love: :love: :love:

  2. Ohhhh...BEAUTIFUL bag and GREAT price!!!!! Congrats! Def. take pics when you get it and share with us!
  3. Congrats!! Really like that casual piece!!
  4. shilling



    same bidders, o feedback... shilling... REPORTTTTT!!!!

    by the way... look carefully, http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&item=6879576304

    dogsrule4sure was supposed to win

    the winner was slow by 4 seconds still won... sniper is broken.. hahaa

    i say YOU DO NOT PAY... shiller needs to pay for shilling... report, suspend
  5. wow, GREAT price!!! congrats!!

    oh and if welovelouie is right... I hope you still get the bag and the seller doesnt turn out and make up some excuse =/
  6. i say don't pay... doesn't deserve that price.. .should be a lot lower... 5 hours ago it was still 187...

    anyways.. up to you
  7. it's a great price still and wat a great casual bag!
  8. I see that the person bidding up her auctions has popped up a few times; it could just be a coincidence, but it could be shilling too. Oh, I don't know what to do! I love the bag but I really don't want to support a bad ebayer! Advice, please!
  9. ValleyOppressed - Do you remember that link ebaygoof.com something like that where you can put the sellers name and it will tell you true feedback, info on suspected shell bidding, even show private feedback. I was trying to find an old link, but cant seem to find it yet.

    After reading what welovelouie wrote, I think she relisted the bag, because she actually shill bid on the first listing , and accidently won, and now I dont believe her story about the seller never paying because it was her styleforstyle06 (0). Check it out..... If we can find the link, we can find out for sure.

    The bag is very cute .....and I know this is probably somewhat disappointing ..... but keep the bag if she agrees to lower the price or you will report her. It is unfair to you if this is really the case. I will try to find that link
  10. I found the site and used their shill checker and everything came out fine, but it's still seems fishy to me.
  11. Do you have the link, or name of website. I want to save just in case we need to use it again. I wonder if it would be wise to email the seller and tell her something does not seem right and see what she says/reacts. I dont know.... than she might get offended...... this is tough. Maybe just contact ebay first and see what they think. Hopefully, its just a coincedence
  12. Let us know what you decide!!! And can sombody PLEASE post the site you are talking about!!! I would love to pass it on to my friends who buy on eBay a lot.:yes:
  13. Sorry I didn't post the link before! Its www.goofbay.com Hope someone gets some use out of it! btw, I emailed the seller and said that I was concerned with her possible shill bidding, and that she should respond so we could worko out an agreemant. I hope everything goes ok!
  14. ValleyO - Thanks. Let us know what happens
  15. OMG She IS shill bidding! :mad: I'm so friggin mad I could punch someone! I'm not an ebay newbie and I never thought I would get scammed like this, especially since I would never even dream about doing this to other ebayers. When she sent the invoice, I found out her name is Jennifer Zhu, which is such a strange "coincidence" sonsidering that one of her "bidders" is 2004zhu ! :rant: I better get one hell of discount or else I'm reporting her to ebay!