Yay! We made the hot list for Springs Best Accs.! Pics!

  1. I am such an addict of the girl porn (i.e. Star, U.S. Weekly, O.K. magazines) that I am ashamed to say that I onlu just noticed this in last Friday's U.S. weekly (new one every Friday) It is the VG day that Katie was wearing that we all obsessed about!

  2. Just curious, has Katie worn that VG Day on more than one outing? I can't remember seeing too many various photos of her with it ...it seems like it was just one or two occasions. Amazing how that little bit of exposure can turn into an explosion. And to think, that was the first GH bag I decided to waitlist (after seeing it in the NM catalog), but then cancelled later...blah.
  3. ^Yeah, I've only seen that one pic of her.

    but anyway.. YAY!
  4. Oh yes, I got so self-absorbed in that last post I forgot to say ... YAY! ;)
  5. Shasta : Thanks for posting the pics.....i'm enjoying the bags out there...hahaha
  6. Yay!! Thanks for the info, Shasta!!
  7. That's another thing I am addicted to...US weekly! I saw this, too! So,:shame: on everyone that said Balenciaga was out!