YAY ~ we have our own BE forum!!!

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  1. I am thrilled!!!
  2. :yahoo: Enjoy!!!!
  3. So cool! I was browsing one of the BE threads and was so confused when I went back to browse the general handbag section! I was like wait, BE doesn't have it's own forum! :upsidedown:
  4. congrats y'all!!!!
  5. thanks! :smile:
  6. Thank you thank you thank you! Finally a forum of our own!
  7. LOL!!! YES, WE DID IT!!!! :yahoo:
  8. THANK YOU Megs & Vlad!!!
  9. Oops, in all the excitement, I forgot to say a BIG CHEERS to Megs and Vlad!!! :drinks:
  10. Wow, I just went looking for the BE threads and couldn't figure out what happened at first. What a nice surprise!
  11. the same thing happened to me, gz to us ladies and thank you thank you to megs & vlad! you guys take such good care of us!:yes:
  12. This is amazing! I am so glad that we have our own little place now! Big thanks to Vlad and Megs!!
  13. Thanks, Megs and Vlad! I had wondered where we had gone:idea:
  14. I'm happy there's now a dedicated forum where I can easily get more information on BE...all in one place! Thanks to all who made this possible!

  15. I'm so glad we have a BE sub-forum now!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Megs and Vlad!!