Yay! We have a Prada sub-forum!

  1. Thank you, Vlad! I'm a big fan of sub-forums, and given the new Grauffe bag and Miu Miu braided bag (I'm too lazy to type out the super long Italian name), I think the Prada & Miu Miu sub-forum is going to start getting a lot of traffic!
  2. Yay! Prada! I'm unfamiliar with Miu Miu but cant wait to see fabulous pictures!
  3. YEAH! Thanks Vlad for listening to me whining for this subforum..and yes..guys..I will be the mod for it as well..LOL...WOOHOO! SOOOO PSYCHED!
  4. To Jill from another Jill: I'm glad you got your Prada sub-forum! I was just saying the other day that I thought it was surprising when I joined the PF a few months ago that Prada wasn't talked about much...
  5. Very cool!! Thanks, Vlad and Megs!
  6. Hi Jill..I have met SO MANY Jills on the PF!! LOL!

    I know..I am a Prada extremist..I have their clothes,belts,shoes,and bags..LOL..Anyone needs ANY help with Prada..Let me know...I have their collections memorized(yes..its sick!!!LOL!)
  7. I think its great to have an in-house Prada expert. Judging by what I've read here, some PFers associate Prada only with the basic nylon bags that came out years ago. But there are so many more interesting Prada bags out there. I've had a few over the years. I have to admit that I do think that Prada has been a little off its game lately, and I'm interested to see the new fall bags...
  8. ...and then there was PRADALAND! *poof!*... and who better to lord over the motherland than pradamommy, Jill? :yahoo: This is RAD!
  9. ^ the new bags are supposed to be a killer this year..I am going to get pics sent tomorrow from my sa...as well as buying a new one tomorrow..LOL...

  10. **BOWING**

    Sniff..I am so freakin honored..LMAO..:yahoo: :wlae:
  11. Jill, you are just totally cool. so glad you are the mod for this sub-forum.
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae: :wlae: :happydance: :drinkup:
  12. I knew that Prada was getting back on track when I saw the ads for their SS 06 handbag collection. Although I wasn't able to afford the gorgeous pink croc "carry-on" I certainly drooled over pics of it! Here are some of my favs from that collection:
    Prada SS 06 pink 1.jpg Prada SS 06 pink 2.jpg Prada SS 06 pink 23.jpg Prada SS 06 blue.jpg
  13. yay Jill. You'll do a great job. :yes:
  14. I Just Saw This ~ I'm Sooo Excited!!! :smile:

    & Congratulations Jill!!! :smile:
  15. yay!!! i love prada as well so im happy about this sub-forum :smile: thanks jill!