Yay unexpected award + cash bonus!

  1. So I got an award for my "great" work at my new job + a $350 dollar bonus.:shame: I'm a little embarrassed, I'm only been here a little over 6 months. But I have to say that I'm working with great people and trying really hard to catch up! So how should I spend it? :amuse: I don't want to spend it all because I just purchased a Chanel tote from the market place, but I want something to remember this moment by.

    I was thinking maybe a Hermes twilly, a Pucci scarf (to wear around the neck), or ?? Could I even get something from Chanel?
  2. Hermes Twilly would be a great bonus gift for yourself and to add to your chanel bag! Congrats!
  3. Congrats. I think a Pucci scarf would be nice.
  4. Get the twilly! They're so pretty :love:

    Congrats! :nuts:
  5. No suggestions, just want to congratulate you!
  6. oooh Hermes Twilly is what I would get! That's so awesome, you must be doing an excellent job! It's gotta feel good. :smile:
  7. Wow! That is nice news. Congrats! Hope you find something you like.
  8. Congrats on getting a bonus for all your hard work! I would go with a Twilly scarf - it's so versatile. You can wear it in your hair, on your wrist, or bags!
  9. Thanks for everyone's nice comments. I'm still glowing about it. :shame:
  10. As you should be! You obviously deserved it! Congrats!
  11. congrats winternight!!!!
  12. Congrats, good job!
    The twilly gets my vote!:biggrin:
  13. Ooh, get a Hermes!! ;)