yay two new pairs of shoesies :D

  1. LOL dont get too excited though!!
    yes i did buy two new pairs of shoes today but they were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cheap!! lol and i dont mean your world cheap i mean CHEAP CHEAP!!

    haha! from primark lol i dont usually shop in there *not meaning to offend nobody if they do* and have NEVER found a pair of shoes ive liked in there but they had some lovely summer shoes today (they'll only last me one summer like but i :love: them still)

    ive got some pics but theyre blurry as i used my camera phone and its getting angry with me *loosing its memory*

    anyways this pair was only £5 :nuts: and they will look brill with a long white skirt or jeans



    and the other pair the brown wedges were only £12 :biggrin: i was sooo proud of myself for these lol




    i realise they arent to everybodys taste but i really love them.. haha until i go and buy my gucci ones :love:

    **** sorry about the state of my pics *the blurryness* and my bedroom carpet and the rest of the mess you can spot :shame:
    and i just had to show you my fav pair of shoes too :love: again sorry about the blurryness


  2. cute shoes.
  3. I love the 3rd pair... lovely!!
  4. Very cute! All of them! Great shoes for summer! Enjoy them!
  5. I love the second pair! Congrats!
  6. Love the third pair!
  7. what a bargain!! Congrats on the cute shoes!
  8. like the 3rd ones...congrats!!!
  9. like the 3rd ones sooo much!!congrats!
  10. i heart the 3rd pair~!
  11. the third pair are my fav in my collection!!!! they rip my feet to shreds like but man theyre worth it!
    lol on new years eve i wore them and my mums mates rolled my jeans up so everybody could see my gorgeous new shoes lol
  12. I've never heard of Primark, so we probably don't have it in the states..... Nevertheless, I love the second pari of wedges!!! CUTE!!
  13. Very, very cute!!!! :biggrin:
  14. very cute. i love the wedges.
  15. You have a great eye, the shoes are so pretty.