Yay! TWO heart print scarves to buy today!!!

  1. I like this! Good luck!
  2. Oooo! I missed the pink one somehow! Both are very nice :yes::tup: Good luck!
  3. Those are so cute!!!
  4. How do you all wear them? I am too old to wear my hair in a pony, doesn't look right on me anyways. I love the scarves, but they just end up sitting in my drawer.
  5. I'm getting the pink one. Since I already have last years red hearts.
  6. I love this one! I wish it came in the ponytail size.
    Enjoy your scarves!
  7. Love them both, but I want that pink one! :drool:
  8. You're never too old to wear a pony! :nogood: I put mine on my bags or in my hair.. around like a headband or they have headbands you can lace the scarf through too. :tup:
  9. both are so cute.. !!
  10. Did you all notice the pink one is 5 feet long?!? :wtf:
  11. I wear ponytails all the time :smile:

    Yah, I really have no need for these scarves, but they are so cute i can't resist, and i've wanted that red one since last year!!!
  12. yeah I just saw it too.. hm....:shame:
  13. It does come in a ponytail size. :yes:
  14. It DOES!?!? YAY! Where did you see that luvamoramore?