Yay! Trasporto arrives at Pulse!!

  1. Yay!! Just got a call from Casey ... Pulse has their Trasporto shipment!! :nuts:
  2. OHHHH THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!:tup::tup::tup:

    i hope she calls me soon!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!
  4. Aw damn... If she starts processing the orders today, I'll already be at work and won't be able to see the photos she sends me... :tdown:
  5. She told me a while ago that she will only send pictures if there's some doubt about the placement you wanted and youneed to choose. If she has exactly what you asked for she said she just ships the bag right out.

  6. Here are pix that Casey sent me today: Denaro, Ciao, Bambino and Campeggio. I had to resize the pix cause they were 4MB each! Sorry if they're hard to see. I'm going to have to pass on the Campeggio -im too broke! LOL. And it's so cute! :p
    Trasporto Bags ---.JPG Trasporto Bags ---b.JPG
  7. ohhhhh stop showing me how cute it is!!!! It makes me want a Campeggio!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  8. It's so cute! Your Denaro is awesome, it has the bus!!! My favorite part of the print.
  9. That Campeggio is really cute! Here's the same pic. I tried to resize it bigger. But the print placement is adorable!! I already told Casey I had to pass on it, so it's still there if you call her! :p
    Campeggio front-.JPG Campeggio back-.JPG
  10. aw, thanks :smile:
    oooooo..i'm trying so hard to be good...but it's so cute....
  11. i know what you mean! I thought i was going to get them all. But i just couldn't! I figure i'll get the littles ones for now. Then maybe later, i'll try to get a bigger bag. I hope there's a big gap between now and when Vacanze arrives. The gap between Tutti and Trasporto was nice for my wallet!
  12. That's what she said to me too...

    She said she had no doubts about my placement requests, so she just shipped all my stuff today!:yes:

    I'm so excited!!

    Although now I'm ending up with doubles and triples of all kinds of bags...

    But oh, well! At least I have a good chance of finding a placement I REALLY REALLY like...:tup:
  13. Congrats Leen your stuff is totally adorable!! :drool:
  14. thanks tokijeny! =)

    lvixen -can't wait to see pix! oh my, duplicates!? what did you get? i'm sure they'll all be cute!!
  15. my turn my turn!! heres the campeggio casey's shipping for me...i'm so excited!! i included pics of the BV i just picked up today from Nordies :biggrin: