yay!!! tpf is back =)

  1. who else was lost when the forum was down for maintenance??? :sweatdrop:
  2. Yes, we are back in action! There may be some minor tweaks for me to be done, but otherwise, we are doing well!
  3. whewww...i was panicking! heheh...yep..truly madly addicted to tpf!
  4. Nice work, Vlad, thanks for keeping the well oiled machine running!
  5. Whew!!! I was sooooo lost without my TPF!!!:nuts:
  6. Omg, I was having total withdraw! :wtf: God forbids, I had to run to another forum. :Push: Thank goodness tPF is back!! :yahoo:
  7. *Went through PF withdrawal*
    Whoo! So happy it's back! :yahoo:
  8. Wow that was FAST!!!
    i was thinking the entire Friday my life would be without pf !
  9. thanks for all the work Vlad... gosh, I thought i was banned or something.. hehehe....
  10. I was! I actually started cleaning around the house since I was lacking anything else to do! hehe. :P

  11. I was thinking I would have to spend all Friday fixing things. Fortunately, my good buddy Gavin at Jupiterhosting helped me with reassignment of IPs to my dedicated boxes, and I finished the forum software upgrade in the meanwhile.

    It may not be at its final stage, as I had to revert a lot of customized stuff, I will slowly put things back in place over the next days.
  12. fhew...so glad we are back online!
  13. Glad I slept through it...I would've been in withdrawals!
  14. Everything I do here is much faster now. Thanks Vlad!