Yay they're here... but not so happy.

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  1. So I finally got my first purchases from HH. I was so excited to open them. So I first opened the Wyeth tote in Cordovan. Gorgeous bag!
    DSC02482.JPG DSC02483.JPG

    Then I opened the Wyeth Hobo in black.. it's nice, checked the inside pockets and found...
    DSC02486.JPG DSC02484.JPG

    I wanted a fresh brand new bag that I paid for... so since I am not so in-love with this bag, she's going back.

    But I did get something to help keep myself green!
  2. Two out of three is prettyl good! Congrats on the Wyeth tote, she's a looker!
  3. Hey Jen!! COngrats on the WYETH! ANd I totally understand about the second bag. I got TWO bags that were used and that was when I exchanged both of them for my Wyeth. They were both samples with scratches on it along with the sample sale tags.

    But isn't she( WYETH) lovely!?! And it's not like a monsterious size! LOL. CONGRATS! More Wyeth sistahs!:happydance::dothewave::Partyhat:
  4. OMG! That Wyeth is divine! I didn't realize Cordovan had a bit of sheen to it! Is it just the picture or is it kind of bronzy? It's absolutely beautiful! Congrats!
  5. Wow, your Wyeth tote is so beautiful. I think that there is some variation in the cordovan leathers. They all look a little different. Mine is quite dark, like dark wood. As for the hobo, that's majorly uncool to sell as new a bag that has been repaired. They probably meant to take that piece of paper out before they shipped it.
  6. Thanks all! Yeah she is pretty! I guess I am not meant to have the hobo... a sign perhaps. Oh well, the tote is gorgeous! I'll take it! and my new shopping buddy, my green bag. Haha.
  7. That was a whoops by HH....
    I am sure they forgot to remove that!
    Your Tote looks fabulous!!
  8. I love the tote. Too bad about the hobo. I am surprised they didn't remove it.
  9. That's too bad about the hobo, but I guess it gives you a good excuse to send it back since you were on the fence. aw, I also ordered the wyeth tote and friends of al tote last week! Actually I got two of them (the al,not wyeth!) It's an adorable bag and will make grocery shopping a little more fun! I love the bright green and the little snaps on the sides.
  10. Jen, your cordovan Wyeth is scrumptious! Enjoy!
    Big oops on the hobo, but fortunately you can return it and are aware of of the issue.
  11. Wow - I didn't realize we may be sent samples, repaired bags, etc. Thanks for posting jen1983! I will check all pockets when my bags arrive on Wed!!! :s

    Boy the Wyeth is hot!!! Now of course, I'm wishing I had bought one. I'm keeping my eye on the Tori Burch Fringe Tote, but I think it pales in comparison to this Wyeth. *sigh*
  12. Once when I was shopping at Nordies I found some pills in a handbag. Told the SA big oops!!
  13. OH MAAAAHHNNN JEN,,, THAT BITES!! but your brown wyeth is gorgeous!!!
    are these some of your first hh's??
  14. That stinks about the Wyeth! But the hobo is SO nice! Congrats on getting her! The little green tote is adorable, too!
  15. Thanks Cho! not nearly as fabulous as your collection! Now that is gorgeous-fabulous-amazing!

    I know, I am surprised too... and quite sad.

    You'll love the tote! and the shopping bag is sooo cute! I love all the little pockets on the inside too.

    It is quite a yummy bag! I can't believe I like it sooo much!

    You're welcome. I think they might have just overlooked it since there were so many orders due to the inauguration sale. It might have been just my order.

    :wtf: pills? hmmm. they should always check things when they are returned. Yuck on deodorant stains...I mean really bad ones. I understand it happens when people try clothes on but sometimes.... it's just not right!

    Thank you! Yes they are my very first. I believe I'm hooked!

    Thank you so much!