Yay!!! They're finally here... my inclusion bracelets

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  1. They're finally here!!!! My new inclusion bracelets. My store still hasn't received any of them and I got tired of waiting so I just called 866. Here they are....


    The small inclusion bracelets fit me perfectly! I love them. Here's a picture of the medium and small side by side.


  2. Congrats! I'm getting tired of waiting for mine too...I want to be loyal to my store and all, but I'm going on a little trip up north this weekend and will stop by a couple of LV stores..if they happen to have one of the pieces, I'm getting it there instead.
  3. very nice. congrats
  4. Congrats!!! They look great on you.:love:
  5. Congrats- the samll looks great on you!
  6. congrats, very cute!
  7. very nice. love the clear inclusions. congrats!!!!
  8. wow those look so cool, i did not see those at my local LV store. how much are they? love it.

  9. woww:drool: ,they look great on you!!!
  10. So cute! I'm heading to CA for vacation next month and I think an inclusion bracelet may be coming home with me...looks great on you!
  11. Lovely! Congrats!
  12. I love the tranparent, but mine is too big for my wrist.
  13. They look beautiful on you!
  14. PRETTY! I don't think my store sells them??? BUt i want one!
  15. pretty! :love: