Yay! The Mule Delivered my Watch

  1. I just need to get it sized tomorrow.


  2. That is utterly gorgeous. Congrats.
  3. oooh!!!!!!!! so gorgeous! congrats!
  4. OH MON!!!:drool: and it looks so fine w/ the ring!:love:
  5. beauty!
  6. just beyond gorgeous!!!
  7. Beautiful!

  8. Mon- love it!! It looks even better on your wrist!
  9. WOW! It's gorgeous!
  10. Congratulations.
  11. beautiful! congrats! well worth the wait....:drool: :love:
  12. Mon--finally!!!!
    It is a beauty, I am so happy for you!
    I love the way it looks with your ultra ring.
    Congrats & enjoy~~~
  13. Mon, Is this the 33 MM? The watch I have considered the big size is this one and Is there any smaller size? I think the small one that i have try on is smaller than yours.
  14. Holy moly! Those look great on you, congrats Mon!
  15. I love it! Congrats!