Yay, The Hummingbirds Are Back!

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  1. We put the Hummingbird feeders out on March 20th and didn't see one bird (it was a bit cold) but today the first one showed up! My wife got a picture of him but it was pretty blurry so I am holding off on posting one until we get a sharp picture. That will probably be tomorrow, once a hummer finds your feeder he comes back every 15 minutes or so, all day long. We have 2 feeders and this will be our first Spring in our new home so we're looking forward to a lot of activity. We also have Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Finches and a lot more species but Hummingbirds are the most fun to watch.
  2. Birdwatching is great. Here down under we have some beautiful species ... DH and I moved house a few years ago a bit further out from the city and the bird life here is just amazing. We get to watch eastern rosellas, rainbow lorikeets, galahs, sulphur crested cockatoos, noisy miners, magpie larks and regular magpies - not the same bird as the US, Australian magpies are big handsome black and white birds with a glorious warble.

    We have a walnut tree overlooking our deck. Sulphur crested cockatoos come late summer for the nuts - they perch up there in the tree dropping walnuts onto the roof of the deck and it makes a dreadful racket. When there is a flock of them all dropping nuts at the same time, it's like boom! boom! ... boomboomboom! ... boom! ... :lol:

    The magpies are great too. We feed them meat when the chicks hatch in spring and they take it back to the nests for their babies. If I go outside a bunch of them will come flying across from the trees in the nearby nature reserve. Sometimes they perch on the patio outside my kitchen, and I'll look out the window and see a bunch of beady eyes looking in at me. They're very smart and cheeky birds!

    Every so often I think I really must get a bird feeder going - I'd like to do one for the honeyeaters. Maybe now you've started me thinking about it again, I really will get on and make one happen!
  3. That sounds great...I wish I had a yard to put feeders in! That sounds like a great start to the spring!
  4. OOOH! Exciting!! Mine came back , well I noticed it, the Monday after easter.

    Here is mine....I can't wait to see yours! I love spring!
  5. Darling birds!!!! Keep the pics coming!
  6. We have a pair of cardinals nesting behind the house:

  7. I love the cardinals , yours are big! I have a little ones and I see a blue jay once in a while. What kind of hummingbirds do you get? I am in Florida and we only (supposedly) get the red throated ones.....I would love to see different kinds.

    Beautiful picture by the way!
  8. Ruby throated hummingbirds are the only ones that live east of the Mississippi but some of the other types have been known to winter in the deep South rather than Mexico or Central America. I've heard of some hummingbirds being spotted in Georgia during the winter but I've never personally seen one.

    Here is one of a pair of Mockingbirds that are coming to the feeder.

  9. Here is a hummingbird, taken at the lower feeder while I'm sitting up on the deck so I had to zoom the pic to make it look decent. We also have a feeder on the deck, when they come to that one we'll get the best pics. This is from about 10 minutes ago.

  10. this is such a fun thread! great pics everyone.. keep them coming, I am enjoying!!
  11. So cute!
  12. I just put my hummingbird feeders and wild bird feeders out this weekend. I saw a hummingbird yesterday and was really excited. The other birds (finches, cardinals, even a woodpecker, and others) are going through seed like crazy. I have to fill them up almost everyday.
  13. Loving the pictures! We have a crazy California junco who has been attacking all the car door mirrors and my sliding glass door for weeks now. I am sending my dog to the door to chase him away, don't want him to get hurt! I wonder if he has a nest in the area?
  14. beautiful birdies :smile:
  15. Great pic! They also say the don't sit while feeding....mine always does when it is on a feeder that has perches. Mine won't come to close yet.....I have seen hand held hummingbird feeders on ebay that I thought would be cool. How do you like that feeder you have? Does it leak? I have several decorative ones that I paid over $20 for but the ALL leak. I have a few of the plastic ones that don't, but I can get 24 feeders like yours for $30.

    The mockinbird is pretty, I don't think I have seen any of those.
    Great thread! :tup: