Yay! The FEDEX guy CAME BACK!!!!

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  1. I was soooo sad to see the droopy, pathetic Fedex door tag on my door when I came back from an appointment. I have been waiting on this package for what has seemed like forever.

    So there I sat, feeling a little silly for being depressed and then I heard a "ding-dong". No way...could it be????

    It was him! Woohoo! He decided to try again just because he missed me at noon. (I think the Christmas cookies I give him every year help a little:p)


    Anyway, my current infatuation with color got a great jolt of "lovely" today...

  2. You are so funny! I too LOVE my Fedex guy cause he always tries to swing by the same day. I love the sound of that truck!
  3. And here they are....


    Picotin GM in vert anis Togo and Compact Dogon in raisin Togo!

    They're so fun! This is giving me "baby room" color inspiration!!!

    Thanks for letting me share!:heart::heart::heart:
  4. AWESOME! Congratulations!

    Love the 'pop' of color...:tup:
  5. Lovely! Great color choices for both! :nuts: Congrats, I love your new goodies.

  7. Modeling shots please??

    Gorgeous colors!
  8. Gorgeous! I love the color combination of vert anis and raisin! Congrats! (Love the cookie idea, btw)
  9. Pretty stuff, AL! I can see how you'd find baby room inspiration in those colors.
  10. What fantastic choices and beautiful colors....:love:!!! You've got to tell me how the GM works out for you in the end....Enjoy them both.
  11. They look so cute together! Great colors.
  12. congrats!! YAY! Great colors !! :flowers:
  13. congrats! i love the colors !
  14. OMG......GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!!! I love the color combination, Autheniclux!!! I think that Picotin will make a lovely helper when the baby come along too!!!!! :tup::tup::tup:
  15. Gorgeous colors!!! Congrats & enjoy!!