Yay Tano Loveboat on the way

  1. :yahoo: So excited, just checked and my creditcard has been charged. And now the wait begins.
  2. *poke* you keep getting bags i want. i'm living vicariously through you. make sure you post pix.
  3. Congrats! Yes, we want to see pictures!:yes:
  4. Oooh, tell us all about it when you get it and post pics. I still have a 5/13 ETA for the Off the Chain bag.
  5. Cool! I'm on the "wait list" for the next shipment. I'm not sure if I'm going to follow-through because I have sooo many bags already....but please post pics when you get it, k? And you wearing it too so we can see what that looks like!:nuts:
  6. Janine, is it this one?, I love :heart: this bag, what colour did you get?

  7. I plan on ordering it as soon as I receive feedback on how nice it is...so let us know how you like it. Did you order it in blue? That blue looks lovely!
  8. I ordered in white, so excited.
  9. That's a really cute bag. Congrats!
  10. oh Oh Oh! Where did you order yours from???? I preordered one myself and can't WAIT to see it!

    In the meantime, our own dear TanoExpert helped me get a bauhaus bag in cobalt and it was shipped today! :yahoo:
  11. Love Tano bags....they hold up very well.

  12. Grace I ordered from musthavebag.com. Got my shipping confirm today and ETA is tomorrow. Will let you gals know what I think.
  13. Well???????:nuts: