yay starting a purse fund

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. ?? purse fun
  3. fund?
  4. purse fund?

    You are excited w/e you meant, so *congrats*!!!
  5. yeah i just fixed it lol
  6. Hope you do better with yours than I have with mine. I never have any money in it cause I keep buy LV accessories!:nuts: Good luck with it!
  7. congrat's :smile:
  8. well I really want a black mc speedy so imma try my hardest to save up for it. This is the best way to support my lv addiction lol
  9. iv tried that but it never lasts long.
    good luck
  10. lol, hope you can be stronger than me! I always ask bf for the bag, then no saving up!! xx thats my plan
  11. Someone's signature says that they have a 529 plan for bags. I thought that that was sooo funny! I just saw my Financial Advisor and set up teo 529s for my kids. Shoulda asked what they have for bags.

    I want a Black MC something too...that's a lot of savings to do.
  12. Good luck with the fund! Hope it grows quickly and gigantiously!
  13. Yay! Congrats!
  14. Good luck! I hope you get your bag soon!
  15. Yay for ppl with purse funds...good luck its so hard to wait till it fills up!