Yay some Inclusion!

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  1. My friend just came back from Paris yesterday and he just dropped off my present.. It's soo cute :smile: ... On Monday I should be getting the Bracelet and Speedy Key Chain.. Will post pics then!

  2. :nuts: Congrats!!!!! It's soooo cute and gorgeous:love:
  3. :love: too cute
  4. :love: Very cute!
  5. How awesome!! Congrats!!! :smile:
  6. thanks everyone! it's sooo pretty, i can't wait to get the bracelet and speedy key chain.. i might even order another bracelet and a white bracelet as well!
  7. I love it! :yahoo:
  8. its gorgeous i love that colour so much ... what a nice friend
  9. Lovely, gongratulations!:love:
  10. ...and some of us might become a bit more envious of you... :lol:
  11. It's so cute!
  12. That is absolutely gorgeous! :love:
    I want the white/transparent ones for the new inclusion pieces...but this framboise piece is beautiful!
  13. Very cute, Congrat's

  14. That's sooooo cute! I love it!
  15. Very cute!! Congrats!
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