yay! so happy now!

  1. hey all! i posted yesterday about being sad that the new cles was sold out. i went to holt renfrew, none there. Called hotel vancouver location, none there.
    i was out for a stroll and just went into the hotel vancouver location to browse, turns out they had 1 left. (i don't care why they said they didn't yesterday, just happy i got one!) they had amarante and i looooooove it! :biggrin:
    and if anyone is wondering, no, it has no imprints on the top of the back above the credit card slot. its just plain vernis, but i love it anyway. :biggrin: what a gorgeous color.
  2. congrats!
  3. Good for you. I did read your post yesterday and felt bad..but now :yahoo:
  4. Isn't it great to get something you really wanted when you thought you weren't!!
  5. Beautiful, WOO HOO! :wlae:
  6. u r so lucky....:yahoo:
  7. Congrats!! Happy you found one!
  8. yay congrats!!!
  9. Congrats you found one enjoy
  10. Yay for you! I love the Amarante color
  11. What a great find, would you share some pics with us please? Thanks in advance and congrats!
  12. yay! that's great you found what you were looking for! the amarante is so luxurious.
  13. Congrats. The new cles is stinning in Amarante. S happy to hear you were able to find one.
  14. congrats! I love amarante, it's such a pretty color.
  15. oh to walk in vancouver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lvoe vancouver! oh an congrats!