Yay, small new item!

  1. Yay, I was finally able to go back to Hermes today! :biggrin:

    I was able to see my precious Bolide, which looks ever MORE beautiful sitting in the window display, and I also got to try on a HAC (pretty sure that's what it was!) in a similar shade of pink (I'm guessing Fuschia). I really liked how it looked, but the handles are just too small to go on my wrist; it would have to be a in-my-hand bag only. And I met a lovely female SA who is also on tPF, who is super sweet!! Everyone in that store is just as nice as can be! ^_^ Oh also have officially decided to purchase some Rose Ikebana soon!

    Anyhoo, here's a pic of the new Twilly, on top of my new skirt I grabbed at Anthro before I went, which I think looks kinda cute together :biggrin: Didn't take a pic of the notebook insert that I bought for my Globetrotter, but it's just a plain paper insert, heh, no biggie!

    And so the journey towards my Bolide continues! :love:
  2. What an exciting day you had! The Brides de Gala design is my favourite. I have this in blue! Your skirt is really pretty too. Congrats on your new purchases.
  3. hey neeya, glad you had a great visit to H :smile: did your bolide go up in price too much? i love your twilly, i got one of my friends the light blue version of it! :smile:
  4. Congratulations.
  5. That's a beautiful scarf and skirt!!! Congrats on a wonderful visit and your new H goodies!!! They complement each other perfectly!!!
  6. I didn't check since it was in the window, but a very reliable source told me that it went up around $300, give or take $50, so I'm not too too worried! It will probably be September/October, rather than August when I get it now due to the price change, but that's not bad! As long as I get it, lol!
  7. that twilly is so pretty
  8. Love that twilly, great pink. Got the same one for dd.
  9. Very nice!
  10. Love the twilly! Model it for us please. I love the skirt too, very pretty. Congrats!
  11. Pretty skirt and twilly, Neeya....are the colors a vermillion or more orange? It's hard to tell on my screen.
  12. NEEYA.......I love Anthropologie too and I adore that skirt! Matches perfectly with your gorgeous new twilly!!!
  13. That is so pretty! They didn't have that pink when I went in earlier today. I bought a baby blue one with little purple balloons. Very sweet. It's so nice to have a little colour. :smile: Enjoy your purchases, no matter how big or small!
  14. Oh, the twilly coordinates so well with your skirt! Perfect!! Glad you had fun!! I wanted to drive back down to Charlotte today myself but had to go to a funeral ... I can't wait to go back!!!
  15. Neeya, that is so pretty, as is the skirt. See, that twilly would be a perfect dash of color for that interview. Did you have it yet?