YAY! Silver Graffiti pochette has arrived! and it gave me an idea too!

  1. Hi everyone,

    Please share in my excitement! My first pochette ever - the silver Graffiti pochette!! I was antsy at work all day today just waiting to get off work so I could go to the post office.

    Thanks to t and s for helping me and supporting me in getting this purse! You ladies are the best!

    Picture time! I'm really impatient so I could never do the unwrapping thing - here it IS!


  2. YEAH!!! It's in great condition! GORGEOUS! CONGRATS!!
  3. So I also own a porte monnaie accordeon wallet and for the longest time the chain strap that comes with it that can allow you to "turn" the wallet into a "clutch" has just been sitting in a box. I occasionally use it with the wallet, but really it's more decorative than anything cuz you can't really use it as a clutch (ie. can't put a lipstick or cell phone or anything "big" like that in there).

    Anyhoo - so I thought of the chain strap and decided to test it out on the pochette to see if it'd be long enough and it turns out it's just slightly longer than the vachetta strap! So PERFECT! I can use the chain now so it looks just as cute as the mini pochette but in pochette size and also the bag can go out for a night on the town without me having to worry about screwing up the vachetta somehow! HAPPIEST part is that I finally have a very practical use for the chain and it doesn't need to just sit in a box all year round! :yahoo:

    Here are pics of the pochette with the gold chain!


  4. cute i like it!
  5. Congrats! The chain was a great idea! It's beautiful! Enjoy!
  6. Love it! Congrats!
  7. I love it, cute for going out on the town, I love the chain
  8. very cute! congrats!
  9. very nice Jadecee! I like the chain on it. It looks great for going out
  10. Congrats and I love your idea of using the chain - very chic!
  11. pretty! congrats!
  12. Love it with the chain!
  13. Thanks ladies! Can't help it if I say so myself - I'm loving the chain too! I feel like I now have best of both worlds. heehee.. or sort of a two-in-one kind of bag!

    Now I remember why it's so hard to be on a purse ban.. because then you miss out on how excited and ridiculously happy you get staring at your new purchase!!!
  14. Congrats - good call on the chain ! :yes:
  15. i love the chain idea how convential
    congrats on your new purchase :smile: