~Yay, she's here! Check out my goodies!~

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  1. I went to pick up my Damier Neverfull MM today! She's gorgeous! My other goody today was a Burberry watch. I had a defective Burberry bag, so I exchanged it for a watch! :tup:

    damier nf.JPG

    damier nf & watch.JPG
  2. Love your neverfull! Congrats!
  3. love it, love it!!!
  4. WOW! That looks good! Congrats on the neverfull and the new watch. I have a Burberry watch and I love it!
  5. Congratz! Love it very much. By the way, were you on the waitlist? Does Ala Moana has a lot of Damier Neverfull?
  6. Congrats! Love it!
  7. Congrats. This will be a great everday tote.
  8. Congrats! :tup:
  9. Congrats!!!!!! I love it!!!! What was the price for the MM and GM in Hawaii? I have a friend who's going to Oahu in November and she said that she will try to find one for me while she's there (hopefully, it will be available).
  10. Congrats! its stunning!! love the red linning.
  11. Thanks everyone! :yes:

    Yes, I was on the WL, but the SA also said that they still have some! She mentioned that yesterday they had sold quite a few, so get down there as soon as you can to pick one up! :tup:
  12. nice!!! i'm very happy for you. that red interior is HOT.
  13. congrats peevenjo!!! all the pics is making me want one really bad. maybe next month or so! :smile:

    ps. love the pics of your doggies :heart:
  14. The MM is $645, I'm not too sure about the GM, but I'm thinking it is under $700?
  15. I agree, the red interior is fantastic!!! so is the watch! congrats on both! :tup: