Yay repair done w/in 1 mo. but frustrated w/ service

  1. I sent in my LV for repairs (its under warranty been less than a year) to have a small tab repairs due to defect so the estimated price section says $0. I explained to the kind manager at the time that I am extremely busy and it takes me a while to get to the store and I usually dont even have time to make the trip. She assured me it would be expedited and shipped to me post repairs. She even wrote on my reciept to ship it to me post repairs. So the repair is now done and the lv store i dropped it off at calls me to tell me the fee is $15 for repairs and its ready to be picked up from the store. I call back and inform the SA that I was informed that repairs was covered by warranty and I was told it would be shipped free of charge. The same SA mentions nothing of the repair fee and told me the manager who helped me that day would call me back. I missed the call and on the voicemail she tells me shipping will be $10 and does not mention the repair fee.

    It's not a large sum but I cant help but be slightly annoyed by the service. I'm not sure if they make up the shipping costs or what but I have had stuff from LV shipped to me free of cost before and for $5, now it's $10? The manager had gave me the impression they would ship free of charge when I dropped off the bag a month ago. "Oh, its free and we could just have them ship it to you when they are finished." And what of the repair fee? They told me it was free. I am grateful it is finished so quickly but i am already stressed from work and on top of that just frustrated that they told me it would be free and now I either need to pay for these costs or take 2 hours out of my busy day to pick up the item. :yucky:
  2. At least you are getting your LV back. But it sucks when things like that happen. They should not charge you.
  3. thats weird i had something repaired and they shipped it to me free of charge
  4. Awww... that's not cool. I don't think you should be charged for shipping. :tdown:
  5. AAA~~~HHH

    Call Call Call...and tell them what you were told...and what you were told is what you want...and what you want is what you wanted. One sentence...

    If they say..."sorry but..."

    reply..."be right than sorry, what i was told is what i want, and what i want is what i wanted thank you. I'll be waiting for the post."

    "sorry but..."

    "do not make me repeat what i have just told you TWICE"


    :idea:i know it sounds harsh...but they told you this...and you were waiting for that...and now they tell you another thing...and you were waiting for what??? the other thing...you did nothing wrong but accept their service...and they said this then that...you have a life with no time to waste!!! and they should not waste your time.:supacool:

  6. I wouldn't pay for either. If thats what you were promised its their responsibility to deliver. Good luck.
  7. The store should definately ship it to you for free. If the bag was not defective in the first place you wouldn't have to deal with all of this and not have your bag for a whole month. Be firm.
  8. I don't think you should be charged for shipping either! It isn't your fault that a repair needed to be done!
  9. Yes, do not pay for shipping. We buy designer handbags at top dollar, and with that should come good customer service. You are entitled to free shipping for a defective bag under warranty.
  10. That is not good.
  11. i don't think you should pay. something like that happened to my friend when she sent her ribera in to have the lining changed. they told her they would expedite the bag when she dropped it off in december and by february they still had not even sent the bag in for repairs(apparently the forgot to process it so it had just been sitting there for three months). then when they finally sent it for repairs the supposedly ran out of the lining so she had to wait another two months. when the bag finally came back almost five months later they called her to pick it up. she went in and they said the charge was $150 and she paid and left. only to get home and find out that the lining still had not been changed, they changed the piping of the bag. so she had to make another trip back to LV and they resent the bag. they did not even offer a refund for the $150 until she called customer service to complain. the first person she spoke with at customer service was such a jerk and sugessted she should be happy because they are going to change both the lining and the piping for only $150. luckily the second time she called she got someone who was really sympathetic and they made sure she got a refund and then they hounded the servicing area until she got her bag back.
  12. Is there any way that you can speak to the manager again ? You have the receipt as well, and you can tell them that you've relied on that - they can't really go back on their word..
  13. Def call back and ask to speak with the manager who arranged the transaction in the first place. Calmly state, and repeat if neccessary that you want what was promised to you in the first place - free repairs under warrenty and free shipping. To have them change the agreement on you after the transaction is underway is simply unacceptable.
  14. Yes, call and speak to a manager.
  15. Yes, definitely talk to a manager ... good luck!