YAY! rcvd mono *Sophie* from Japan! **lots of pics**

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  1. hello!

    i receieved monogram bag called *Sophie* from Japan (my mom!) yesterday! :yahoo: just in time for LV party...... i took it there with me and none of the SA knew about it....... so they took it from me and they all played with it while i was enjoying the champange!

    this bag comes with nice chain..... it doesn't feel "cheesy" but not too heavy....and also comes with leather shoulder strap, which seems like same length as the one i already have!! this chain doesn't come off, but if i wear it w/ leather strap, it kinda hang there like nice charm! :heart: :love:

    pics are my Sophie modeling w/ Sophie!:nuts:

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  2. more pics....!

    my mom sent us a care package and threw this newspaper ad in it..... it was released in japan on Dec 1st.

    the size is not too small, not too big.... just enough for your cell phone and cles.... i took pics of what fits! my long wallet and phone and nothing else!!

    i compare the size w/ reg acc. bag.:P :heart:

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  3. How pretty, congrats, I love your pictures - and your cutest model!
  4. it fits comfortably on your shoulder!!

    and it fits inside of my manhattan!!!:P :heart:

    ..........sorry about so many *sophie* pics!

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  5. wow, I have never seen that before. Is it going to release in the US? I love it!!! Especially how your Sophie is modeling for us, too cute. :P
  6. Thanks for all the great pics! What a classy, unique bag...have never seen anything like it! Of course, your little girl outshines the bags!
  7. Thanks for posting the photos both Sophie's are VERY cute:love: Just wondering how do wear it with the longer strap?? SO the chain can not be removed at all???
  8. I love that Sophie! It looks very stylish! And oh you have a cutie pie model there!
  9. Awww your Sophies are adorable!!! :tender:
    Congrats on your bag! You're so lucky to have your mom there!
  10. congrats! that bag is too cute!
  11. omg its so so cute i want one :heart: both your sophies are cute hehe :smile:
  12. Your daughter just kills me she is soo cute!

    COngrats on your bag and thanks for all of the informative pictures! It's a beauty!
  13. that's really cute! i just love the japanese edition of LV bags... they tend to be a bit hipper and younger...
    and your daughter is just soooo adorable! great pics!
  14. thanks guys!! :heart:

    it'll be here in the US sometime early next year....so i heard!! it'll be $420.

    the chain only comes off on the one side and you can carry it like a wristlet..... my mom heard from SA that it was made to carry at parties!

    since we have a little one and we don't go to parties....sophia's diaper and wipe fit in there. :roflmfao:
  15. Wow, it's really pretty! And $420 is NOT a bad price at ALL!!! :nuts: