YAY Pistachio

  1. So I finally will have my Pistachio Twiggy!! I can't wait. I will post pics when I receive. :love: Finally!!!
  2. Too Cool:cool:
  3. I Am Officially Done For The Rest Of The Year (not Including Pre-orders)!!!!! No More Bags For Me Until Next Year.
  4. Wow! nice score! Congrats!
  5. Oh WOW, that was fast!! CONGRATS giggles!!!!!
  6. What? Where?? Lol! Congrats, sweetie!!! I bet you're on a high right now! Woohoo!!
  7. that's what we all say... lets see how long this one will last :lol:

    BTW me too... let's hold out together ;)
  8. Welcome to the Twiggy club! Can't wait to see pics.
  9. I so am!! I can't wait to get my new Pistachio. :love: :love: :love: I have been waiting for this one. Lilac, seafoam and turquoise will have to wait until next year :shame:
  10. Yea I officially can't spend anymore on bags this year. Way too much money going out :yes: I will keep you accountable Hatikuh, if you keep me accountable!!! :lol:
  11. So which colors do you have all together now?:love:
  12. I have

    04' Rose Twiggy
    04' Pistachio Twiggy :smile:
    05' Magenta First
    05' Bordeaux Twiggy
    06' Ink Twiggy
    06' Cornflower Twiggy
    06' White First
    06' Black City
    06' Pale Rose Hobo

    :love: :love: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. ummm.......... pics please!:huh: :roflmfao:
  14. Congrats! Definitely post pictures when you receive the bag! Pistachio is such a great color :heart:
  15. Yayyy!!!!