yay! Pics of my 2 newest bags!

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  1. Linea Pelle Piper Speedy in Sherry and Gustto small Baca in taupe...got em both delivered to me yesterday, what a day!! :tup:



    Both are SUPER soft and smooshy...the LP, wow what amazing leather! Its soooooo soft and supple, I was pleasantly surprised!
  2. Congrats!!! The leather looks yummy and the colors are gorgeous!! Beautiful.
  3. They are so pretty! I love that LP, what a great style and beautiful leather. Congratulation!
  4. LOVE the orange color!
  5. That Gustto is gorgeous!

  6. wow beautiful bags! the LP is the one I have been looking for. Is the color more red or orange? I was looking for red. Can it be worn comfortable on the shoulder? thanks!
  7. I love them both especially the LP, that color is beautiful!

  8. Its definitely more burnt orange than red...it fits well over the shoulder with the double straps and also comes with a detachable longer strap. I am impressed by the softness and quality of it~!
  9. Oohh!! I like them alot : ) The leather does look soft. Congrats!!
  10. Congrats BacardiGirl! The leather looks amazing! ;)
  11. YAY!! They both look VERY nice! Enjoy!
  12. My Piper Speedy in Taupe...
    Piper Speedy 1c.jpg Please click on image, I can't get a larger pic. The leather is soft and smooshy. It is lightweight and just the right size. It is a bit more "distressed" than I thought it would be, but overall a great daily bag that can be worn without fussing about it. Although it comes with a long shoulder strap, the double handles fit nicely over the shoulder.

  13. It looks like a darker, richer brown than on the LP website...very pretty!
  14. RisingSun, did you treat your bag with anything? LP customer service said its not necessary, but I was wondering if I need to to spray waterproofer on it anyways..?
  15. It's lighter than this pic, but darker than on the website. I'll try to get a better shot!