Yay or not Yay?

  1. Authentic Chanel Rock & Chain Flap Bag
  2. [​IMG]
  3. i bought this bag but ended up returning it--I guess I didnt like the color as much and the hdw color was a bit odd to me--dunno how to describe it but its lightweight and seems to be roomy enough and holds a lot ;)
  4. Nay.
  5. It's cute, but I'm not sure how comfy the three straps would be.
  6. yay
  7. Nay... i am not a big fan of the 3 straps. kind of over doing it imo. it does look pretty cute from the front where you cant see the 3 straps tho.
  8. nay..dont like gold and red together.
  9. Maybe in black I would like it better.
  10. That's a whole lotta straps! I would say yay if it were double strapped but I think three straps makes it look too flashy...
  11. I can't imagine trying to control those three straps all day. They'd just be all over the place. Nay.
  12. Another nay for me--I think the hardware makes the purse rather difficult to match with clothing.
  13. nay
  14. Nay, I'm not sure that shade of red with the gold hardware is that versitile
  15. I'm not a big fan of that shade of red with gold hardware, and I agree about the triple straps being a bit overwhelming. I'd say nay.