Yay or no on this hayden-harnett?


Dec 21, 2005
Hello! I just got the hayden-harnett mercer satchel in luggage (I think I snagged the last one because it's back-ordered until March) and I'm debating whether to keep it. It's super soft and cute but I don't know if I LOVE it. I definitely like it, but is that enough to keep it? Or should I just save the money? Thanks in advance!

Huh, I haven't seen this H-H before. I like it, like you do, but I don't think that "like" is enough to keep a bag. There's always bags coming out, so I think you should return it because chances are that you will find a bag in the future that you really love and decide that this one was not worth keeping. On the other hand, if the bag is practical and you know you will wear it often ... that just complicates the situation.
the leather looks great, and it seems like a practical bag. But I don;t think it is very special in terms of design, if it is not too expensive, i would keep it!
It's cute--sorta reminds me of a taller GD. If it was around $200 and you want a light colored bag or need one, it's not a bad way to go. But if you just "like" the purse--then you might be better off saving your money and putting it towards something you love.
I agree. Life is too short to carry a purse that you just sort of feel "ho hum" about. It's a cute bag, but definitely get one that you love. Even if you pay more for it, you'd atleast use a bag that you love.
You should feel the love when you wear the bag and the bag makes you smile when you look at it..That's love. Then you know you should keep the bag when you have that experience. :biggrin:
if you don't love it....maybe you should send it back. I got this one bag which ended up being a miss in person....

My love for "him" quickly dissipated and I couldn't even look at him! I sent him off immediately!!!!
You have to love it to wear it! I like the bag but thought these colours are better for this bag. Whereas the lorca flap looks good in washed luggage.


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I think it is too much "inspired" by Chloe...like the round strap attachments stitched onto the bag...plus the size and shape...

it's just okay...time to see more original new designers out there, who have a newer, fresher point of view.