Yay or Nay??

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Yay but not an OVER THE TOP Yay...MOre like a quiet "mmmkay" ;) but definately more Yay than Nay!
  3. yay and nay don't know if I really like it or not
  4. yay but ONLY if you wear it with dark jeans without any distressing at all. I like the burgundy better than the black!
  5. Thumbs up and a nod of here ! :yes:
  6. yay.... but not too much.
  7. nay. i bit too vegas.
  8. Yay for me!! Like the black one more though. ;)
  9. Nay for me.
  10. Yay.
  11. yay for the black but nay for the maroon
  12. Yay for the maroon, nay for the black.
  13. I like it, YAY :biggrin:
  14. lol I love this answer. Its a nay for me. Without the detail it would be a yay!
  15. nyay. I think the decoration is badly composed on the dress. It should've been co.ordinated better. The shape is ok though.