Yay or nay?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    After years of lusting over CLs, I'm finally going to take the plunge and buy my first pair! I was so in love with CL's old styles, and couldn't find any new ones calling my name. Things were either too clunky, too bright, or just too edgy. I finally found a pair where I'm super impressed with the craftsmanship: The Miss Taos from the Spring 2016 collection. It's got a classic shape but is covered entirely in beads (like the Mexicali) but has a floral design. I'm in love! It's also $2500 USD, which at the current exchange rate, would cost me ~$3300 + taxes and duties...

    I also have a question: What is it about CL that makes you all drool. I understand that it's great quality (perfectly stiched, clean lines, etc) but then you have the crazy designs (Eurotrash, anyone), the clunky ones (Daffodile), etc? I'd love to hear your opinions.

    Me on the other hand, am put off by the crazy outlandish designs and the tall stiletto-platform overkills. The Miss Taos are 100 mm (not too low, but then again, they're much more forgiving than some other styles that top 130 mm heights). I also love intricate designs (strass, prints, beadings) as they make me feel like a princess.

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  2. They are very pretty. But quite pricey! I myself wouldn't buy it because it is not really me!
    I love most designs of CL especially the strassed ones! Oh the bling and shine is so beautiful.
    I find it very flattering on my feet compared to other brands.
    Quality wise is also good. Ive got a mini collection that i am slowly building hehe ☺
    I guess it depends on the individual in what they prefer.
    I myself am not a huge fan of the daffodils but like the bianca and lady peep that have platforms aswell!
    I love some of those crazy designs but i guess it depends if i can pull it off with what i wear usually!
    Each to their own i guess!

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  3. That amount of money isn't worth it for me, since shoes ultimately are disposable and wear out. My new Pigalles haven't even left carpet and the red bottom is chipping... they're beautiful, but they're not forever. I'd buy a less expensive pair for sure.
  4. I'd say nay for that price...
  5. I'm glad you're finally taking the plunge on your first pair. Though the cost is pretty steep, if you do not see yourself needing the money for something else important in your life, this would be a good investment.

    I tend to be more conservative like you, favoring the 100mm heel height over the higher platform styles. I find the current 100mm heel height styles have a steeper pitch compared to the older 100mm styles and feel higher. I think the Miss Taos looks to fit in this category. Add to that the beautiful beading design and you got yourself a special shoe.

    What drew me to CLs over 10 years ago is how the designs can be perfectly ladylike, elegant, glamorous, classic and dangerously pushing the boundaries to cheekiness, humor, edge and sexiness.
  6. Hey guys, I'm back.

    Thanks for the replies.

    Just wanted to mention: Bergdorf states the USD price of these beauties at $2495 (+tax, of course), but Saks lists them at $3405 CAD (before taxes and duties!) when you add it to the bag--I had no idea that the CAD was so LOW!!!

    Holey smokes...

    I love them, but I'm going to hold off on them. Do you think they'll last for until some sort of sale happens?
  7. I think so. During the last sale season, I saw strass styles on the sale racks at the boutiques. You should keep track of the boutiques and retailers who have it in stock in your size, so when they start their sale you can contact them and see if it is included.
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