yay or nay???

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  1. #1 Oct 21, 2012
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    this is my first burberry bag (bought few days ago from a friend who only used twice)... after buying this bag doesn't look very appealing to me... should i keep it or sell it... what is ur frist thought about this bag.... it has metalic leather trim and fabric canvas...

    A reminder that selling/buying/trading here is not permitted.


  2. It's a nice bag but if you don't like it then there's no point in keeping it.:smile:
  3. i liked this bag more on her, she is 5.4".... i am 5.1.. i am confuseddddd
  4. Some modelling pics and we can help you decide? If you don't like it on you then don't keep it and sell it to get something that would look good on you,
  5. I like it.
  6. I like it. Maybe not for an every day bag but def something to rotate between in the fall
  7. Generally, I like Burberry a lot, but this one is :/
  8. Since you asked - I don't really like it. Get one you love!
  9. you should get a bag you really like. good luck!!
  10. Yeah...I don't rlli like this design plus there are tons of better designs from Bubrerry.