yay or nay?

  1. I am not a keyfob fan but love the cellphone lanyard.
  2. love the cell lanyard...makes me wish i could put one on my phone...
  3. I like them.
  4. i like them, but i wish the color was a bit brighter...i'd probably get the lanyard though.
  5. cute! i like the lanyard.
  6. I'll be the odd one out. I like both, but I like the keyfob better. Either one (or both!) would be cute.
  7. I like them. I prefer the cell phone lanyard, though.
  8. Yes I wish that too. Maybe I'll be wowed in person..
  9. yay! they are darling. i like the cell a bit more
  10. ooo...I think they're both very pretty. :smile:
  11. BOTH!! :graucho:

    Fine, the lanyard if you can only have one!
  12. I thought they would be cuter in person! :sad: But it's proably just me.
  13. I like the keyfob better too.
  14. is it just me or do you think that odds are more asthetically pleasing then evens?