yay or nay

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  1. Should i get this one?

  2. yay :yes:
  3. Yes...where/how are you getting it?
  4. Yea...where are you getting it?
  5. Hopefully, you're buying this from a reliable source since it's an LE.
  6. Double YAY, as long as you're sure it's auth...
  7. Hate to be the downer, but I'm saying nay. Not my style, but if you love it you should definitely get it!
  8. Ditto. But whatever makes you happy is whats important here.
  9. Well Yay if you are just using this photo as a reference, but the url from this pic is for a replica site, ick!
  10. I'm gonna third that - I'm only adding since you asked - I think there's too much going on, too much hardware, and I'm not lovin' the huge LOUIS VUITTON.
  11. I say yay, I kinda like it
  12. Nay. For that price, you could get a fabulous bag.

    Whether or not you like it, though, is all that matters.
  13. definantely yay for the bag!!

    nay for the price of the bag.. -->canvas?
  14. omg. DONT BUY YOUR BAGS FROM ANY SITE EXCEPT ELUX, and if its from an auction site, MAKE SURE ITS REAL!