Yay or Nay?

  1. What do you guys think about this bear necklace. The head, arms and legs are moveable! :smile:

    (pic from hsn.com)
  2. Yay! Pair it up with one of those mini-vests for a cuteness overload.
  3. yay! It's adorable!
  4. That's so cute!!
  5. yay!!! it's so cute and i love the fact that the arms and legs can move.:P
  6. Depends how much it is...
  7. It's $49
  8. It's very cute. And moveable? Totally adorable!
  9. Ahhh, very cute! :biggrin:
  10. for that price why not
  11. SO cute! and a gerat price, too! Get it!
  12. For $49.00 it's cute.
  13. I say, yay and love that it has a little red heart on it too. Very cute!
  14. Great price and cute!!!
  15. $49...how much more fun can you get??? Yes.