1. i got a new kelly 40 sellier in gris tourterelle color in togo with ruthenium hardware, i love the color but i'm not so sure about the size. it's sellier, so it ends up looking like a briefcase. i'm 5'4" tall. DH says it's fine, maybe i'm not just used to it. i've never had a 40 kelly or 40 birkin either but i really want something big to carry for travelling and for work.

    i just look odd in it. sorry, no pics - it's a bit late here. what do you think?
  2. How tall are you? I'm 5 ft 8 in and I thought 32 sellier is a lil big, 40 sellier must look pretty humongous. It will definitely make a great work bag though.
  3. Congratulations!! :nuts:
    I :heart: that color....Please post pics soon......
    Without seeing the bag, can not give opinion.....
  4. If your not comfortable with it there may be other bags (like the whitebus) which you may find more useful for work. Have you considered one?
  5. Pazt, is your Kelly 40 sellier in Togo gris tourterelle a rigid sellier or a mou sellier (like Shopmom's) ?
  6. Funny enough I was about to post a thread about a Kelly in 40!!!:nuts: I am 5'8" and wanted something (either Kelly or Birkin) in 40 but really wanted to see what Kelly 40 looks like on first! When you get a chance, please post a pic!
  7. Ooooh, that's a tough one. Based on your pix, my immediate response is that it would be really big on you, and for what you want the bag for, I'd get a 40cm Birkin in the gris or a large GPT. I'm trying to envision a 40cm Kelly--it sounds big--and in sellier it would look a bit too structured for travel/carry-on purposes. But given that I haven't seen a 40cm, I could be way off base. Do you like the flap and single handle?
  8. gigi, here we go again - what was the difference again? would it say mou in the tag? i have the tag in front of me and it says :

    sac a main kelly 2 40 sellier
    gris tourterelle
    veau togo ruthenium

    i may post pics tomorrow and if i change my mind - monday i will have to return it. :sad:
  9. Um, excuse me Ms. PazT--what's going on in your avatar there? Is that a painted Goyard I see? :nuts:
  10. LOL, you don't miss a beat O - did a few goyard damage before the prices go up next week! :jammin:
  11. i'm really loving the color - it's a grayish/taupe-ish color and perfect for fall. and the ruthenium adds a darker tone to the color but yet not too dark. i think i just got it because of the pretty hue and now am not sure of the structure. i try to unhook the clasp and let the straps hang loose to give it a casual look but it still look "business-like". and the strap is shorter than the other kelly sizes. why is that? didn't even notice that earlier. ugh!

    i think it's best carried wearing a suit/business attire and not your everyday sweats running to catch a plane ride! :sad:
  12. Thanks Pazt. I'm so scared that we'd end up confusing all the gals again...:lol: Hermes now refer to all Kellys as Sellier (for rigid Kellys) and Retourne (for souple Kellys) only.

    Sounds like yours is a true Togo Sellier - the one that has an extra layer of leather so the bag keeps its stiffness (like Archangel's Vert Anis Togo Sellier Kelly). This would probably make the 40 look more briefcase-like...I was thinking if it's a softer/slouchy Togo Sellier Mou (like Shopmom's), it would have a more relaxed look...

    if you can, try to post a pic..:smile:
  13. Oh...cross post. Togo sellier! According to HG's boyz at H, Togo sellier Kellys are rare!:nuts: