Yay or Nay?

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  1. I bought this a few weeks ago. It was a spur of the moment purchase. The price was good and bing was at 10%. The seller shipped it parcel post which took forever getting here. While I was waiting for it to get here, I was having second thoughts & thinking that maybe I wouldn't keep it since it wasn't a planned purchase. But I don't know - since it's gotten here, there's something "oddly" charming about the bag. The leather's super, super soft, and it's even lined with leather!:drool: It's very lightweight and the seller threw in an extra set of tassels, so I hung 'em on there to "liven it up" a little.

    Maybe it's because I'm still without my Kate, so I'm missing a casual shoulder bag (which this definitely fills the void), but I dunno. I'm on the fence. What do you guys think? Is it a keeper (even if it's temporary) or should I just say Nay and forget about & just stay focused on the two S/S bags I'm hoping for?

    This is the "Duffy Hadarrah" from S09 line in "Navy" (altho I wouldn't exactly call the color Navy - it's more of a "Bright Blue - the color's are actually the opposite of the Brown Hilary, where that's brown on the outside w/blue lining, this is blue on the outside with Brown lining)

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  2. here are a few pics of the details - it's even got the same cute little studs that Kate has
    (so I guess it REALLY fills the void! :P)

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  3. Ooh, I actually really like it, JJ! Blue is always a good color for you, and I like how the bag incorporates both practical (its size and structure) and artistic (tassels, studs, leather lining, the buckle) elements. It also looks really soft and very easy to wear. I say give it a few days of wear and see where it takes you, but I really like it on you!
  4. Definetely yay! I'm loving those cute little flowers...
  5. hi jj!
    at first glance, i wasn't sold on it, but after seeing the detail pics of the tassels and studs and leather lining - i think it's really gorgeous and unique :yes:
    the ONLY thing i'm not crazy about is the flap, but i still really like the bag.

    it doesn't sound like you're sold on it, so that tells me that you should probably focus on the two S/S bags. :yes:
  6. Hmmm, its nice but kind of plain. If you have your heart set on other bags, keep focused. It is probably a good "for now" bag until you get the one(s) you really want.
  7. I love the color and the tassels add a nice touch, but it seems that you are not in love with it. I think you should stay focused on the two S/S bags that you are after and your Kate will be back with you soon. :smile:
  8. I like it. It looks like it would make a good everyday bag and it seems like it would be comfortable to carry.
  9. I really like this bag. The flap hardware somehow reminds me of the old stellas - and similarly, this bag is deceptively simple. There are a lot of rich, beautiful details (hello, studs and leather lining!). Not to mention the color; it is amazing.

    I can understand why you're on the fence though - it's hard to fall in love with one bag when you're pining for another (Kate?). But I say fill the void! That's a YAY. :biggrin:
  10. The one thing about the flap is that it's a magnetic snap -- it's not an actual working buckle. I think those of you who had said that it was "plain" - I think that's where I'm unsure. I guess I'm used to having something that's got that WOW! factor, and while I really like this bag a lot and luv its how function-able it is, I think it's the lack of a WOW factor that's got me questioning it (but the leather - it's pretty amazing. I mean, the bag just "puddles" when it's empty!!) Plus, I'm a sucker for those bell shaped tassels!!
  11. You do love it! It's always hard to decide if you like something when it's different from what you usually wear, but go for it! Try on some more outfits with it to find ways you can incorporate it into your usual style. I bet then you will feel more confident about how "you" it is. I'm so partial though - I think this bag is soooooo fine.
  12. i agree that it's a bit "plain" until you open and see the leather lining inside :heart: :drool: it looks great on you but i have to agree that if it just to fill the void, then i say nay..
  13. I'm totally charmed by the bag. It's cool and has a lot to offer! Try it out for a bit, you'll decide on your own how you feel about it.
  14. IF I do keep this bag - do you guys think I should keep both sets of tassels on the bag (4 bells total), or is that tassel-overkill?
  15. i agree about the flap thing too. i prefer it on the smaller bags, looks too oversized to me on this one.