Yay or Nay??

  1. [​IMG]
  2. are those from Anthropologie? --MAYBE--with a black jersey wrap dress from DVF, black tights (but NOT leggings) and simple black clutch those could be really fun!
  3. ^^^Yes babes! They are from anthropologie. I like them. I'm not sure if I love them...
  4. nay from me :sad:
    I'm not feelin' those at all, sorry!
  5. I hear ya Swanky. Back to the drawing board. I'm trying to get my fall shoes in order... Off to Zappos I go!
  6. nay
  7. Yay!!!!
  8. Nay for me
  9. Nay
  10. Nay for me.
  11. nay. i find 99% of their shoes weird.
  12. Those are a nay for me as well.
  13. Nay!
  14. not a great fan...
  15. nay here again...
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