YaY or NaY?

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  1. yay! (if you can pull it off) I deffinantly couldn't, but if you can, go for it!
  2. cute! love it. :smile:
  3. Cute if your really skinny, the sleeves arent flattering, and there isnt a shape. If you can work it, go for it girl!
  4. ehhhh sorry but nay...i dunno i'm just not really digging the whole colour combo and the slightly puffed sleeve....
  5. Hmm, Im not liking it. I dont care for the pink/green thing.
  6. It will only work if you have no boobs...otherwise there is a good chance that you will look pregnant, no matter how skinny you are.
  7. I'm not a fan... It's too short and shapeless, and the colors aren't right.
  8. The colors are bit much, and the shape only works if you're super-skinny and on the tall side. Also, with a puffed cap sleeve, it's best if you have rather thin arms. It's a tough dress to pull off.
  9. Hmm. I think it could work pretty well if you threw a nice thick braided belt on that. (: It'd be more flattering, I think. Otherwise, I echo the others in saying it's only fit for the uber skinny.
  10. hmmm...it's kind of cute...but I'm leaning towards Nay
  11. maybe like a shirt with a belt? cause as a dress, if you add a belt it would be way too short IMO (actually i already think it is too short :P)

    i think i would pass
  12. Sorry it's a nay for me as well..the fit and the color combo isn't working for me. i'm sure you'll find something else that you'll really like! :yes:
  13. The colors are very...Tory Burch and the dress is a sack, but if you're a prints-lover and have small boobs + thin frame then it's a yay.
  14. I like it because it's bright and summery add shape with a belt if needed