Yay or Nay?

  1. Bored today and at home sick so i have been surf shopping all day and came across this bag. What do you think? Like it, love it or hate it?
  2. Hope you feel better! Let's see-hate it!
  3. It's a nay for me. :weird:
  4. hmm, interesting choice... i've never been a person to like bags with the patches - it basically has to be one colour or one shade of material... personally for me, i wouldn't buy it.... BUT its not my bag, so by all means, if you like/love it... BUY IT!!!! ;)
  5. nay!
  6. Drink plenty of water ;o) I don't like the bag
  7. Nay on two counts for me: 1) I don't like python, and 2) it kind of looks like it's trying to be a Spy bag.
  8. Aww, 'beterschap' for you, all the way from Holland :smile:

    And... NAY definetly!! I don't like the brown, or the studs (really, REALLY don't like the studs. I mean, what's up with that?). The leather doesn't seem very appealing to me, plus it's a little too 'boho'. :smile:
  9. Nay for me.
  10. Total nay, too much going on.
  11. It's cute in a funky way but you would have to wear the perfect outfit to pull it off. Get better! It's definitely going around where I live.
  12. Nay! Looks like fake python or is it real?
  13. I kind of like it for a novelty bag. :amuse:
  14. aaahhmmm....how should I say this in a nice way...capital letters..N-O! If you don't love it or if you're hearing that nagging little voice of doubt, don't buy it.
  15. Nay from me too. A bit too close to the psy without the classic elegance....