Yay or Nay?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I'm just not a B. fan ;(

    I will say though, that there are some really pretty ones. . . . I think this one is okay.
  3. I wanted to try something different, but I feel you Swanky (sigh*). I guess I'll stick to Chanel. I was searching for a bowler in metallic black and the SA tolld me today that there were none left in the country:sad: .
  4. BIG TIME YAY!!!:love: I have yet to see one at Fendi near me otherwise it would've been mine A LONG TIME AGO!!!:lol:
  5. Because they are all in Canada!!! Our CHANEL store is full of bowler bags!!!:shocked:
  6. Its available on neimanmarcus.com.
  7. NO WAY! Have you called the NM's in Dallas? There were some at downtown and in Plano, TX last I was in.
    Call the NM in Plano, TX and ask for Shannon, she's great!
    I want something different too. . .
    I'm interested in the YSL Byzance line and some Chloes.

    Keep lookin':flowers:
  8. I am not sure if they ship internationally.:sad:
  9. I love it on someone else, but not on me..
  10. Can you give me info. on the Chanel boutiques near you? Did you happen to see a metallic black one?
  11. Thank you!!! I'll call in the morning:flowers: . Also, the SA was searching only Chanel boutiques...
  12. Yes, I did!!! It was in CHANEL boutique inside Holt Renfew in Toronto (416 922 2333)! GOOD LUCK!
  13. ^^ aaah yes, call NM and let her do the footwork for you!
  14. I think that this bag is GREAT!
    It would also be a nice chance from Chanel!
  15. Any luck today Envy?
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