Yay or Nay?

  1. Yay or Nay? It's by Yaya Aflalo. Do you like the neckline? I'm not sure I could wear it - I might be too self conscious with the neckline. But I think the dress is very pretty.

  2. If you've got the confidence and the boobs, then go for it! Is it for a special occasion?
  3. I was just kind of shopping all day and I stumbled on it. I have a lot of events I could wear it to this year, but I am not buying it (today anyway) because I bought too much already today and also because I don't think I have the confidence. I was just wondering what you would all think of it.
  4. I love it..wish it were a little shorter though...great color though.
  5. I think it would look better on someone with a flatter chest. I think it's a beautiful dress, but I would probably get arrested if I wore that in public :shame:
  6. Yay, love it!
  7. Yay, I love it as well!! I agree with claireZk that it would probably be best for someone with a flatter chest.
  8. Yup, I think a B cup would be perfect - A (which is me) would look pathetically unfulfilled and C or bigger would be too much cleavage (possibly even side cleavage, yuck). I do think it's really nice in its simplicity and versatility - you could wear it in so many situations including a fun night out, with sandals on a beach vacation, etc.
  9. Yay! I agree with the flatter chest looking better in this.
  10. Nay...
  11. Not my color and not my style.
  12. I'm sorry! I really don't like it. It looks a bit like a sack to me.
  13. Nay cause of the boobage issue. Maybe if you could wear something under it.
  14. I do like the neckline, and the whole dress. I am pretty flat, but I feel like that dress would be very flattering to the less endowed ladies like myself.

  15. I was thinking the same thing. I think it would look much better if it was shorter, but not short.