Yay or Nay????

  1. I'm thinking of buying this for PCE....


    I totally LOVE the color or it.
    I don't want a big bag, I'm horrible @ organizing my purses and I can never seem to find anything in them, so If I stick to a more stuctured bag that everything will fit in nicely I think I'll be ok.

    Does anyone own it????

    Or should I go for another bag, but in the same Chocolate Signature???
  2. I like it!
  3. i dont like open top bags
  4. ooh i've never seen that one. I like it! seems like it would be a good size to meet your needs, too. :tup:
  5. I had this bag when it first came out., but returned it. Its a beautiful bag - was just too small for my needs.
  6. i absolutely love the looks of this bag. I have seen it IRL and its georgeous just dosent hold much at all. If you dont mind that I say go for it!:tup:
  7. pretty
  8. I love the color and its looks.. except I wonder if it's too much trouble to open and close the bag every time.. sorry I am no help lol
  9. A co-worker of mine has this and she likes hers a lot but she doesn't carry much stuff in it.
  10. I have this bag in last years version!!!! My hubby bought it for me for the holidays last year in khaki/camel! I LOVE this bag! It's dressy, yet casual and the drop is great! If I know I am going to be opening and closing it alot, I leave the clip unclipped, but it has never been annoying to me to have to open it b/c it unclips VERY easily while on your shoulder. Sometimes I just stick my hand in and pull out whatever I need around the clip w/ it clipped! GREAT bag!!! ESPECIALLY in CHOCOLATE!!!!!! Let us know what you decide!!!!
  11. I think it's very pretty but looks as though it doesn't stand up on its own, and that is a must for me when it is a shoulder bag.

    If this doesn't bother you then go for it!!!!
  12. You are correct!!! This bag does NOT stand up on it's own!!! That is a MUST for me as well, but since my hubby chose this bag in a crowded boutique on Xmas Eve w/ my 2 kids w/ him, I kept it and dealt w/ it! I MUCH prefer a bag that will stand on it's on though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this doesnt bother you and you dont put your bags down on the floor, then GO FOR IT!!!! :tup:
  13. I have this version in the carryall. The colors and leather are so pretty, I always get compliments on it. I like the version you posted as well Candace, I think it would be a great shoulder bag!
  14. I had bought the same bag in the Embossed/Parchment during the last PCE, but returned it b/c I wasn't a huge fan of the whole color combo going on, just wasn't me. But I did love the shape of it. So I think I'm going to love the Choco. I hope!!
  15. I love the color but the bag I am not so sure about. DH loves this bag and wants me to get it but I'm not sold yet. So I would say YAY just because it is a pretty color and not as big as some of the others.