Yay, or nay?

  1. i think this bag is totally gorgeous, and although the price is a bit steep for the size and function of the bag, do you think i should get it?
    if i do, i probably wont be able to get anything limited edition from the louis vuitton botique at the museum of contemporary art.

    fendi "to you" bag $1300
  2. i think it's cute, and i like the colors (though it seems more summer to me), but it wouldn't be my first choice bag right now
  3. It's very pretty bag!yay
  4. Gonna be a nay for me. I'm into the fall/winter bags in neutrals.
  5. I like it, but I don't know if it worth getting for that price. You might get sick of it after a few months.
  6. It's not really my thing (the colors) especially for the winter. I saw the darker version with black and it was pretty cool but too plain. So not worth the price for me. If you like the style and colors and think you'll be able to use it often then get it!
  7. very different....If you like it...buy it and enjoy it...
  8. hmmm. the fall part is a good point, but i live in california, and the winter is really wierd here.
    i have a bit of louis vuitton multicolor, and i use it regularly.
  9. I think it's cute and a great bag for warm weather. It would look great with white or other lighter colors. I think it all depends on what your style is.
  10. This bag is gorgeous!
  11. It's a great and beautiful bag but I saw on eluxury they have darker color for fall. You should check it out. It'll be great for upcoming season.
  12. definitly NAY. too manay colors in one bag for me.
  13. IMO this bag has not been very popular. I don't like it myself. I would hold on for a while cos I think you will definitely be able to get it below retail.
  14. I afraid its not for me, but do think its interesting that Fendi are using these sort of colours, makes you wonder what the next spy bags will be
  15. seriously? because i would definitely buy it if the price were to drop even a hundred or so!

    also, ITA, this is not what one expects from fendi. i am definitely not a fendi girl, but i am completely drawn to this bag! i really love the bright colors!!!