yay or nay?

  1. [​IMG]
    for $2380 @ Saks
    Does anyone own a small b bag? how does it look IRL?
  2. $2350.00?!:amazed: :shocked: :censor: NAY for me, sorry!
  3. nay.. not working for me..
  4. nay.... perhaps it's different IRL? but so far... nay
  5. This is one of this years designs you'd like to go away. You can get a whole Spy bag for that. I never liked those! If they are going to go small they need to go back to the baquettes. Gee, I am just a little opinionated, huh?
  6. Nay. Too busy for my taste.
  7. Nay!
  8. Nay ... way too busy IMO
  9. nay...
  10. Cute! I actually like it.
  11. whoa! trippy! the shape is cute, the chains and florals creates a ... strange statement... hahaha
  12. VERY asian-inspired! I would probably carry this to a very traditional Asian event (i.e. wedding?), but not for everyday use! So nay for impracticality!
  13. nay for me as well.
  14. Nah, I also think it's too busy :hrmm: