Yay or Nay...?

  1. These YOZE KUBRIKs finally arrived today (after waiting several months). I had a gift certificate for $430, so I got them for less. Although, I do love these, I'm still on the fence. So, I thought I'd ask what you lovely girls thought about them...yay or nay?

    (I used flash for the second photo)
    100_5019_1.jpg 100_5023_1.jpg 100_5026_1.jpg 100_5030_1.jpg
  2. yay from me ;)

    what's making you doubt them?
  3. Ok, I'm jealous. I was just showing a g/f those today and saying "OMG I NEEEEEEEEEEED THOSE"! LOL

    If you don't keep them, you can send them my way. hehe
  4. these are soo yay! l love this style. Do keep them they are amazing:tup:
    So very lovely.
  6. Oh YES!:nuts:
  7. YAY YAY YAY :nuts:
    Those are SO hot!
  8. i am going for nay, too busy for me and not a "practical" shoe that i would wear alot.
  9. I say yay if you will get use of them. They are not very practical, but are a great statement shoe.
  10. YAY! I love them- a very modern punky take on the classic Very Prive shape!
  11. The colors. I know it has a pretty neutral pallet, but I'm not sure if it's very flattering against my skin tone.

    (I'm on a huge "Is this unflattering against my skintone" deal, if you haven't noticed)

    You'll be the 1st to know if I decide to give them up. ;)

    I know. But, most of the CLs I have are "impractical"... that's why I love them!

    (this is how I justify raking out considerable amounts of moolah, btw. If I wanted "simple' pumps, I'd get them much cheaper from another designer ...is this crazy or (in a wierd way) practical!?) :wacko: :p
  12. Those are H:heart:T! So :tup: for me.
  13. nay, not a big fan of the style or color...and it's not as elegant looking as most of the CL designs.
  14. Ok, this is not having to do with the shoes, but b/c I'm computer illiterate apparently...can somebody explain to me how you put multiple quotes within a reply? I have not figured it out yet and I absolutely do not like posting multiple times in a row. LOL
  15. I like that style (although not madly in love) but my sweet SA at the CL boutique actually told me not to get it....LOL. I guess he knows my style too well and knows what I will and will not get tired of. He says that shoe catches on fabric, threads, anything loose really easily......and isn't the easiest to wear. For that price tag (I believe it's close to $1k) I passed....although it is one GORGEOUS shoe!