YAY or NAY? =)

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Nay. Its too busy for my taste. It would be a lot better if the flower on the belt were smaller.

  3. :yes:

    I would do away with the belt completely :p
  4. On the right person, yes.. i'd pair it with plain black pants, no necklace, very minimal jewlry, hair swept back.. could definitely be cute. Would really only look good on someone who is fairly thin and flat on top though, IMO, otherwise i think it would be too busy and take away from the design.
  5. well it depends on the person but i think it's a prissy i don't like the belt
  6. I think it could go either way, on the right person with the right pants etc I think it could look quite nice. But the flower is quite big and so might be difficult to pull off.
  7. NAY!Not for me!
  8. It would be a nay for me because it looks like you would have to wear higher waisted pants with it which isn't comfortable for me personally. Other than that I think it's adorable! Not too busy for me and I love the belt.
  9. i love it!
    it would look great with a black jumper under in the winter.
  10. I like it if it doesn't have that flower thingy.
  11. nay......
  12. I only like the flower belt!
  13. I think it's cute, but maybe with a plain black waistbelt.
  14. Nay. That belt is just not my style at all. I agree thithi and breakfast lover, that belt wrecks the shirt.
  15. Nay!!!