Yay or nay?

  1. [​IMG]

    credit: eBay
  2. nay, the bodice looks like bunny ears with lace behind them.
  3. Nay! I don't like the color.
  4. Nay. Don't like the black against taupey/creamy satin.
  5. i quite like it! i think it would depend on what you looked like yourself and what style you have, eg, this dress would look fab in a boho way like Kate Moss or Sienna Miller, but wouldnt look right on barbie types such as Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson.
  6. Nay.
  7. Maybe if it was above the knee it'd look better.
  8. Nay.
  9. Nay
  10. YAY I love it! It looks really cute for summer with gold accessories :smile:
  11. I like it, as long as you have a good figure to pull it off.
  12. Nay.
  13. Hmmm...maxi dresses are in, but the best ones I've seen have patterns and brighter colors. This one looks more like a wedding or special occasion dress. If it were shorter, it'd have a nice shabby-chic vibe, though--if it's a steal pricewise, I'd buy it, cut it shorter, and leave the hem unfinished!
  14. YAY but I think it depends on who is wearing it and what they're wearing it with.
  15. Nay