YaY or NaY?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. It's cute but not my style so I would say Nay
  3. Nay.
  4. Yay... if you can take that flower thingy off.
  5. yay - and with the flower thing if it matches your style. I would wear it with an all white outfit this spring/summer - bec one dash of colour is really in season.
  6. nay
  7. conditional Yay (with blue jeans ONLY).

  8. Agree ... except white pants could look very good with it as well.
  9. no, sorry
  10. For me, nay
  11. Nay for me....
  12. Yay-minus the flower
  13. nay
  14. Nay, sorry.
  15. Nay