Yay or nay!

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  1. fiance got this for me a few days ago!! Keep or not? I am going back and forth between this or classic black gold jumbo!! Help!
  3. Keep! If you like both, keep this and you can always get the jumbo later.

    Keep also because...
    He was so sweet to get it for you and you want to show gratitude for such a lovely thought. You also don’t want to make him shy about choosing other gifts for you in the future.

    I’ve had guy friends tell me they spent time looking for what they thought was a gift their wife would like. But then the wife said she didn’t like it and exchanged it. My guy friends have said “never again will I do that!” so it kind of ruined everything.

    If you like the bag, keep for sure! It is rare to get such a special gift as a surprise. Your fiancé did great!
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  4. I think we need more context because I agree with willeyi that you would never want to offend your fiancé for a thoughtful gesture. Was this a surprise or something you had discussed with him? The bag above is dramatically different than a classic black ghw jumbo. If you’re never going to carry it bc it’s not your style and hard to pair with your wardrobe, I can see why you would want to exchange. Plus, for most people, that’s a really pricey gift to not be absolutely obsessed with, so he might appreciate you being honest and sharing what you really want and finding joy in seeing you wear it frequently - but again, we probably need more context.
  5. If your fiancé picked it by himself, I would keep the bag.
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    Do you have other Chanel ? Will you buy others?
    It is a pricey gift to sleep in your closet.
    IMO, at the end of the day , your fiance wants you to be happy . And if he chooses this bag by himself, he wanted something special , meaning something you will love.
    If it is not the case, kindly explain the situation to him and he will certainly understand. Good luck ❤️
  7. My husband got me a present for my birthday a couple of years ago that I returned. I liked it but knew I wouldn't use it enough. He understood my reasoning. If you will use it and you love it keep it. If not return for what you want. He will also wonder what's up if you just keep it in a wardrobe unused.
    I worry about colour transfer so beige Chanel wouldn't be for me. Lots of ladies here love their beige though. Good luck
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  8. We discussed this and both thought this bag was beautiful. However, if I keep this bag, we would have to save up for x amt of time before buying a classic again. I understand that each year Chanel has an increase. My fiancé also got a discount via Nordies employee discount, so that kind of contributed to my wanting to keep it. I do like the look of this bag but worried that it might be easy to get dirty. I currently own brown jumbo classic, blue 227 , red jumbo classic , black medium boy
    hard decisions and needed some help here! :P
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