Yay or Nay - Vernis and Nailpolish

  1. Ladies and Gents, I need your honest opinion :shame:

    Is matching your nails to your bag cute or tacky?

  2. I don't think its tacky. Looks good next to your bedford.
  3. I did that with my nails, to pomme, but in the end I like beige and french with my accessories better. However my toes coincidentally match my pomme accessories well, though I have to say I wasn't planning on it.
  4. cute!! not tacky IMO.
  5. I think it's cute, especially when matching vernis colours. They're all so pretty and shimmery - and there's nearly always a perfect match nail polish for each colour ;)...It's a great excuse for another obsession!
  6. lol, thank you. I just saw this color yesterday and had to have it :sweatdrop:

    I was thinking about wearing this to my SO's little brother's prom. I was planning on black dress, black open-toe sandals and the bedford with matching nails.

    Lol, when I showed Martin, he just looked at me and said: You are not going to turn into Elle Woods, are you?!?! :p
  7. NOT AT ALL tacky :smile: it looks very cute in my opinion :smile:
  8. I think it's cute, the colors on the vernis bags are pretty anyway so why not match?
  9. I like it. Nothing wrong with it. The Elle Woods reference is funny, though.
  10. Cute! Yay.
  11. i think it would be cute. i know tink matched her nails to her pomme a while ago.
  12. cute cute cute!
  13. Vernis matching your nails is great!
  14. adorable!! I am wearing pomme nail polish now ;)
  15. Cute!!