yay or nay to this pendant?

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  1. Its ok, I am not a fan sorry.
  2. i'm not really loving it either :crybaby:
  3. i don't like it at all, sorry.
  4. Nay.
    I don't think I would buy it. You should check out
    http://bylouis.com/ they have some really nice pendants and their prices are great. I buy almost all of my jewelry from them.:heart::nogood:
  5. I think jewelry (like all things in fashion) is subject to personal taste. If it's a piece you would enjoy wearing, I think you should order it.
  6. nay.
  7. Not for me
  8. it's VERY interesting. it is a piece certainly to start a conversation. i could only make out the humming bird and nothing else...even when i enlarged the picture. maybe i'm just not very visual today. other than that, it's not bad...maybe because it's in my favorite color....
  9. nay
  10. nay
  11. I don't love it.
  12. nay.
  13. I think it's okay, but it's too busy.
  14. I actually like it. so yay!